I offer various types of healing.  I am a recognised healer, trained to master level on all the following therapies.  I am also trained in various healing systems and I am also a trained life coach.

I also offer a mobile service and distance healing, house clearances and animal healings.

Blue star quantum healing 2.jpg

Blue Star Quantum healing method

This will completely reorintate your etheric body and bring it into a alignment with you physical body which will allow you greater connection into the quantum field and all that you are  

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Access bars

“All of life comes to me with ease, joy and Glory”

Lightly touching 32 specific points on the head raising your consciousness level

angelic reiki.jpg

Angelic healing reiki

A beautiful healing treatment during which Sue connects with the angelic realms and acts as a bridge for the angelic kingdom to bring through healing, animals and the planet

shamanic soul retreval.jpg

Shamanic soul retrieval

A dynamic healing which is very relaxing while the chakras and energetics within the body are realigned and calibrated for your highest good, including the soul retrieval procedure for trauma.

Pre care and Aftercare

After your healing session you might feel a little drowsy and spacey, it is essential to ground after the session and Sue will help you with this.  It is also important to drink water before and after as the healing session has a detoxing effect.   Remember also that the healing works on the body cells and also on the etheric body and chakras so be kind to your self and also avoid stimulants like alcohol and coffee before and after the treatment for 24 hours. If your body is asking for a certain food then indulge it as there are no rights or wrongs and its all about listening to your body and your inner guidance as to what you are needing in the moment.  Trust yourself.