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“Authentic empowerment is always our destination and we acknowledge it’s the Journey that shapes us”

SOUL RETRIEVAL IS a very beautiful and powerful traditional Shamanic healing technique that is associated around the concept of Soul loss.  One can lose their Soul essence in several ways, when we experience trauma mental, physical or emotional of any kind.  This then tends to create a void in your life which we constantly attempt to fill with all sorts of things often creating addiction in behavioural patterns, substances, relationship issues and others.  The client in this case would need to take personal responsibility to do their own inner work also to obtain the best results.

After creating sacred space and clearing the chakras with energy and sound Sue then will go into a Shamanic journey to her medicine place with the intention of returning a soul part into the client’s etheric body. 

At the end of the session time is given for sharing and informative feedback.  After soul retrieval the client often feels like they have had a coming home to themselves and this continues to integrate over the follow weeks.

This modality is also effective over distance healing online.


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