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GOOD VIBES * HAPPY PLACE * Be You/Do you/For you

Updated: May 21, 2020

When we think of healing our first port of call for most people will be the doctors, when we can actually get an appointment, we then eagerly await a diagnosis and expect to receive a prescription as a quick fix. Instead its time to take more personal responsibility for our own bodies and lives.

Our bodies are of incredible design and are fully equipped to heal themselves, sometimes they get out of balance, injured and need surgical repair which of course is a time when it’s really recommended to see a Consultants for their opinion. As a point of note its always advisable to keep on taking any prescribed medications and discussing options with your doctor.

Often we can by taking responsibility change what is happening within our body with a good balanced diet and going down the holistic route and seeing a naturopath, this does require our participation it is not a quick fix by someone else it means researching your options and trying something new as a lifestyle choice. I really recommend vitamin D3 as an autoimmune daily stable. This is where energy healing comes in too, especially in helping with stress and emotional issues which when left continue to create dis-ease in the body, getting to the core of the illness is the key. Often most things stem from the gut.

How we programme out bodies with what we watch on TV, listen to and the language we speak to ourselves can create a build up of negativity, also giving in to fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway, fly though it. Follow your gut instincts always and your own inner hearts guidance with decisions, notice how you feel after watching different programmes, is it making you feel negative or giving happy and positive vibe. These are programmes that go right into the core of you your spirit and your subconscious mind, this is particularly where energy healing can come in to assist with retraining, harmonising and balancing your body’s vibration.

Personally I love to go to a sound healing session, or Martyn Cawthorn’s amazing monthly Gong Bath (I come out looking years younger) I have had clients get miraculous results just by applying some more awareness of the things around them in this busy day to day lifestyle we all have.

Getting out into the fresh air and into nature is key and breathing. Smiling and saying hello to other people really works well too and if they ignore you then shrug it off and walk on by. Also cutting down on your online time.

Find things to do that you feel passionate about, hobbies, sports, interests. Spend time with family and friends all creates a healthy lifestyle. Remembering to take note of any people who are giving off a toxic vibe within your relationships, even being prepared to walk away into a more peaceful well balanced drama free life when needed for your own peace of mind, thanking them for the experience. There is a well known saying ‘People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime’ that is so true, and we are here to experience Life and what a rich tapestry we weave when we do, we stand up for ourselves and BE YOU/ FOR YOU/ DO YOU in your full flavour feed your body mind and spirit and stay in your happy place.

Love and blessings


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