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Meditation / Healing group sessions - private / home / workplace

Meditation groups work well within a work environment.  Sue takes the group on a visualisation journey, this whole experience is expansive and creates a container for both healing and is a great way to gain empowerment and clarity for your left, meditation is a well known life coaching technique and the journey is unique for each group.  Sue is more than happy to discuss this and also holding mini taster reiki healing sessions for your team, friends, family, children, pets at your home.  There would be a standard charge for petrol and a small donation from each team member participating.

All details can be discussed and tailor made to your specifications.


Sue also holds a meditation group monthly and you can sign up to come along via the newsletter or better still just text Sue to be invited.


I run various workshops at different times of the year and different locations.


More news to come.

Shamanic journey workshop

Heart healing workshop

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