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“Etheric surgery, chakra alignment and balancing, merging the chakras of the physical and etheric body, replacement of damaged chakras removal of entities and dark implants and devices – Referred to as Reiki on steroids”

This healing modality is designed to assist in moving fully into who you really are, clearing blocks and anything holding you back in your purpose and mission here in this lifetime.  The quantum energies behind the modality (channelled by James Devitt in 1990 but held back to this time) are the New Earth energies.  It allows you to move into a deeper space of the heart and harmony and balance, right here, right now.

The actual therapy is very deep and relaxing while the healing team are working at the quantum level.  The chakras and meridians are cleared and blockages like implant devices, entities and etheric items from past lives and this present life are removed leaving you clear ready for a new start into a more harmonious life.

This whole treatment for the client is just like Reiki, however it is so much more, it will make you feel born anew and we have been having incredible results as all dis-ease is an energetic/ emotional imbalance.

At the end of the treatment there is time for sharing and guidance.

This treatment also works well as a distant healing online.

1.5 HOURS £40

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