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“ A beautifully joyful and relaxing experience held within the loving energy of the Angelic realm”

The sacred space is prepared for the angels or ascended masters to come through the practitioner, who acts as a bridge to the Angelic realm,  performing a transformational loving healing and the client will receive a downpouring of Angelic energy and clearing anything that is not for your highest good as well as the intention set by the client. 

The whole experience is in the moment, resulting in any old thought patterns not in tune with the Divine vibration  to become dislodged and transmuted to a higher vibration.   The facilitator intuits the session and there is always time for sharing at the end with any messages or guidance.    The client leaves with a great sense of inner peace and harmony.

This treatment is ideal for distant healing online.

This works really well for animals too as animals have a tendency to take on healing their owners so they need support as well.

This healing modality goes on for 21-28 days.

HALF HOUR ……..£15

1 HOUR ……………£30

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