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Sue has lived overseas for the last 22 years and after spending some years in New Zealand has become very passionate about everything in the holistic health and personal development field.   Training as a breakthrough life abundance coach just before coming to live back home in Cheshire has added the flavour to what Sue can offer with her Energy Healing modalities, which she intuitively weaves together for each client for their highest outcome.  Each session usually lasts 1.5 hours giving time for a further sharing and guidance.  She is clairsentient and feels therefore in the Shamanic term envisions information which often comes through in the form of a metaphor or a power animal or a scene with a special message/gift for you to take away.  As you can see on the website Sue has been trained in various healing modalities, she can discuss with you prior to the appointment to find the one best suited for your needs.  Sue also has learnt lots of tools and techniques during her time overseas and life.  Having personally been through mental health issues and two divorces and other big stumbling blocks she is grounded and can intuit what is best need for your session, sometimes its just having someone you can talk to in total confidence that can make all the difference followed by a calming and relaxing reiki session.

Science and spirituality are now coming together with epigenetics and quantum mechanics and  the new science is proving that everything is energy and energy is affected by light and sound within the body affecting the cells directly and you actually are energy with 50 trillion cells it is increasingly important to be aware of what you are inputting into your mind, body and spirit as everything is connected and if this is not all in balance within your chakra system it can create dis-ease in the body and this is where energy healing can make the big difference and why Sue is so passionate about going mainstream with this both for people who are not well, but also for business people who would like to be more on top of their game and less stressed.  The pace of life these days and the amount of ongoing daily trauma people have to cope with can be helped by meditation, breath exercises and also energy healing coming more into the centre of their being.   

Even if this isn’t for you maybe you would like to gift a healing to someone else or you know someone who would benefit or even your work place and Sue offers an online service or a mobile service.

Healing gift voucher

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Treat your loved ones to that special gift, whether it an angelic healing or access bars. Vouchers last for 6 months and are redeemable for all the spiritual offerings on my website.

Vouchers come printed on quality card with their own envelope (please allow time for posting). You can purchase online using the Gift Voucher options below where you will receive a confirmation upon payment.  Both types of voucher are redeemable in person or online.


Not sure what to choose? Simply choose the amount you wish to give and let them decide.