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I had a great healing session with Sue recently and she was very thorough, insightful and brought through a great energy. 

I would definitely recommend her. Thank you <3

Andy Bowker

Sue radiates such warmth and positivity and she even took time to message me after my session to see how I was doing. A genuine person and fabulous healer give her a call! @Sue Good luck in your new venture which I’m sure will bring you endless possibilities 

Tracy Fisher

💙WOW, I just had the most amazing 1-1 multidimensional healing session with the loverly, highly Gifted & so obviously well practiced Sue; who creates a well held nurturing space for you to walk into🤝

The feedback at the end matched my experience , everything she brought through was as I personally required in that moment. I was going out this afternoon but instead will be further bathing in these energies and integrating the awesome work Sue so gracefully & humbly facilitates. 💯Well done Sue , someone finally slowed me down enough for me to catch up with myself. 🙏🏽

Rebecca Flint

I had the pleasure of connecting with last week and feel so privileged,she is such a lovely lady and has a very special and amazing gift,

I had shamanic healing which I have never experienced and soul retreval and wow!!!!,it took me on an amazing journey and I’ve felt focused and re born ever since.

Blessings to you sue xxxx

Sandra Taylor

I had a healing session with Sue this weekend. Sue is a lovely warm lady with a beautiful energy about her. The reiki room was set up lovely and was calming with gentle music and she explained everything and made me feel relaxed on the table covering me with a warm fleecy blanket and a pillow for my head.  
The treatment was lovely as I felt myself drifting and floating in and out of a beautifully relaxed and uplifting state. She talked me through everything at the end and gave me some lovely feedback.
All weekend I have since slept brilliantly and had some lovely interesting dreams which I could feel are part of the healing process which she said would continue to work for some time.
I’d highly recommend a treatment 

Michelle Hayman

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